Concrete Restoration

WSI focuses in concrete restoration repairs. We are a company that has been specializing in, but not limited to all aspects of the repairing of, mid-rise and highs-rise condominiums, government, industrial and institutional concrete restoration projects since 2006. We are one of the largest, locally owned, concrete restoration contractors in all of South Florida!

WSI specializes in major restoration on Hi-Rises, Commercial, and Industrial work.

We are competitive in price, however, when the price is long forgotten our Quality, Dependability and Services are not.

WSI recognizes that each restoration project requires a unique approach. Our staff is knowledgeable and skilled in the fine art of concrete restoration and waterproofing, and together we have decades of combined mastery in these techniques. Our extensive field expertise, with continual technological and product training, enables us to work closely with engineers, architects, managers and owners through proper communication and developing proper procedures and material selection for a successful project. Our experienced technicians at WSI will carefully analyze and initiate a system of repair and waterproofing that will help prolong the longevity of your structure, and guarantee “Total Customer Satisfaction!”

Our experience and expertise combine specialized and conventional concrete repair methods to provide the most practical solution for all concrete repair projects.

From small concrete repair projects to multi-faceted multi-million dollar full scale restoration projectsAssisting owners and engineers in problem identification.
Development of concrete repair options and feasibility studies.Budget pricing of repair options and delivery options to meet your facilities needs.Turn-key delivery and management of the complete repair process.

Concrete Restoration

  • Structural Repairs (Columns & Beams)
  • Spalling Repairs (Overhead, Slab Edges 4"-12")
  • Partial DepthVertical & Horizontal
  • Post PocketsStucco
  • Window Sills & Headers
  • Crack Repair
  • Epoxy Injection
  • Block Infills
  • Precast / aluminum rail system replacements
  • Beam / column repairs
  • Garage and parking deck repairs
  • Tuck-pointing
  • Strengthening
  • Migratory corrosion inhibitors
  • Galvanic cathodic protection
  • Post-tension repairs
  • Impressed current cathodic protection
  • Parking Deck Restoration
  • Plaza Deck Restoration
  • Paver/Topping Slab Repair/Installation
  • Expansion Joint systems