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Waterfront Services, Inc. is committed to work excellence and customer satisfaction on every project, large or small. Our staff of highly trained and experienced personnel is dedicated to utilizing the most advanced and time-proven repair methods to deliver both quality and value to our customers.

Concrete Restoration – We offer a full range of concrete restoration services including balcony repair, cathodic protection, beam and column repair, parking garage repair and restoration, post tension repairs, concrete railing and balustrade repair and many other repair applications.

Painting – We offer complete painting services. Let true professionals protect and beautify your valuable property.

Waterproofing – We are experienced and proficient in most types of waterproofing systems including polyurethane deck membranes, below-grade waterproofing, cementitious waterproofing and many types of expansion joint systems.

Pool Contractor - We are experienced in both residential and commercial swimming pool restoration and finishing projects. Our services range from pool renovation and resurfacing to quality tile and stucco work for your pool. We follow thorough procedural guidelines for our prep and plastering work to ensure a quality finished product. We are proud to use quality installation equipment as well as Florida Stucco pool finishes.

We mix our plaster and stucco products on our service trucks to eliminate messes and maintain a clean job-site.

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